About Us

Jon Tennant

Welcome! I’ve often been told that I have better communications skills when people don’t have to look at my face, so what better way to convey thoughts/opinions/rants and general sciencey-ness than with a blog!

My reason for creating this site, is that yelling opinions at a screen just doesn’t seem to cut it any more. I have two Masters degrees, firstly in Geology (go team Rock), and then undertook the treacherous path to Life Sciences. You know what that means? Combine the two, and yes, that’s it, I’m another palaeontologist. Sorry.

Having recently been ejaculated from the academic world into unemployment, I now have far too much time on my hands. Accordingly, 99.9% of my time is now spent reading stuff online. People are interesting, their opinions are interesting, what they communicate to others, is interesting. Some less so than others.. Lets see what happens here.

UPDATE: Imperial College London have made the mistake of offering me a full PhD scholarship starting next academic year (Sept 2012). I’ll be looking at terrestrial tetrapod diversity over the Jurassic-Cretaceous interval, assessing its extinction status. This will combine phylogenetics, extensive taxonomic revision, and looking at anthropogeneic and geological/biological sampling biases within groups such as crocodylomorphs and squamates, and maybe a few dinosaurs on the side. Awesome! Catch me on Twitter as @Protohedgehog.

UPDATE: I now blog for the EGU network, but will repost anything here! See: http://blogs.egu.eu/palaeoblog/

Disclaimer: All views represented on this site or those of my own, and not of my employers, sponsors or affiliates.

Sara Mynott

After four years studying Environmental Geoscience in Bristol, a sabbatical in open access publishing at PLoS ONE and a further year mastering Marine Ecology, I have stepped out of the academic world and into science communication, by taking on the role of geoscience communicator by day for the European Geosciences Union and (nascent) marine science writer by night.

I love learning new things – there are more interesting things to learn about than you could ever learn in a thousand lifetimes. For those things I discover that I think perhaps, just maybe, someone else might find equally fascinating, I’ll share with you all here.

Science is amazing, especially when it involves delving underwater and exploring the strange and mysterious creatures of the sea (you may sense some biases in my subjects of choice)!

Rather than the excited stream of consciousness that my friends kindly endure, I hope to make sense of research, whatever the topic, in a story that gives you the odd giggle and fact to take home – do let me know if I’m failing at this!

You can also find me on Twitter at @SaraMynott and blogging about Geoscience for the EGU over at GeoLog.

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Very interested in the Yutyrannus huali piece. When you say pdfs available on request . . ? (looks hopeful if not appealing)

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