Vicariance? Nah, just relocating!

The last post detailed (well, briefly alluded to) the fact that this blog would shortly be having a new home, and well now it has!

The European Geosciences Union have taken me under their wing along with two other bloggernauts, so I’ll be rambling on about Palaeontology over there from now on. I may nip back here on occasion for more generally non-science or off-topic bloggings.

The link? Oh, yeah, here it is: (imaginative title eh?)

Would be great to see you all there!

As a finale, here’s a video called ‘Tyrannosaurus Sex‘, which weirdly is about sauropods getting it on.

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About protohedgehog

Palaeontologist, just completed a PhD at Imperial College environmental drivers of biodiversity and extinction through geological time. Passionate about science communication and opening up the research process. Tweets vigorously as @protohedgehog. Freelance science writer and consultant, and author of kids book Excavate Dinosaurs.

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